CrashPlan 4.5.0 released

Yet another update from CrashPlan that might crash your CrashPlan package.

Today I received an email from CrashPlan saying that my server has been unable to reach any backup destinations for 3 days. After some investigation I noticed that my desktop client had been updated to 4.5.0 while the CrashPlan package in DSM had trouble updating and thus stopped.

Even though I’m quite happy with CrashPlan and patters is doing an amazing job on this package, I would love to see a official supported version from CrashPlan that doesn’t crash now and then (no pun intended). Luckily it’s rather easy to fix, so if you have this issue you may follow these steps.

Update 14.12.2015

A new version of the CrashPlan package has been released which should fix this issue automatically.

Manually upgrading to CrashPlan 4.5.0

Make sure that the CrashPlan package has been stopped in Package Center. If you click on “View log” you should see something similar to the log below. Make a note of the version number it failed to upgrade to. In this case 1435726800450.

Use Putty or similar to SSH into your server and navigate to the CrashPlan upgrade directory:

List all files and folders in that directory by using  ls -la.


CrashPlan creates a new directory for every time it tries (and fails) to upgrade. Delete all directories that match your upgrade id which in my case is  1435726800450. Simply delete all these folders by running the following command. Just be careful not to delete the .jar file.

rm -r ./1435726800450*/

Now it’s time for the actual upgrade. Run these two command that will extract the updated files from the .jar file to the appropriate locations. Remember to change the file name if needed:

Now go back to “Package Center” in DSM and try to restart your CrashPlan package. If you have followed all steps the package should start again and sync your backup… until the next upgrade. 🙂


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I’m now running DSM 6.0 and the “rm -r” command isn’t working right. When I run it I get permission denied errors on all the folders & files. Any thots?

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


I haven’t upgraded to DSM 6.0 yet, but permission denied errors are usually solved by logging into the server using “root” or using sudo in front of the command such as “sudo rm -r”.


the Crashplan package on my synology is 4.5.2-0037, I’ve just installed the current version on Crashplan’s website which is 4.6.0, do they both need to be the same version to work?

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Please note that the Crashplan package version and the actual version of CrashPlan installed on the NAS aren’t the same. 4.5.2-0037 is the latest version of package, but when you open CrashPlan it should say 4.6.0 on the splash screen. If it doesn’t, you may follow my guide to upgrade, but as long as it’s working I wouldn’t change anything. Hope that helps!

Scott Kelsey

Thanks so much!!
Running 4.6.0-7321
Looks like unzip is replaced with 7z so commands would be “7z x -aoa -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/ 12345678.jar “*.jar”
Works with CP 4.6 client (both mac and windows)


Hi Scott Kelsey!

I am trying to follow your “7z” command, but get error “incorrect command line”. What could I be doing wrong? Can you please let me know the complete command with an example? Thanks in advance!


Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Thanks for your comment, are you on DSM 6?



Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


I see, I haven’t upgraded to DSM 6 myself yet, but I’ll take that into consideration when writing my next post.


Great stuff, thanks. To sudo to root in DSM 6, check out

In short, login as admin and then do “sudo -i”, same password as admin


Worked great on DSM 6, the commands are “7z e /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar “*.jar” -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/” and “7z e /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar “lang/*” -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/”



Thank you for your great article!
Does it work with the last upgrade release (1436674800482)? It seems that the .jar file downloaded doesn’t include any “.jar” file and the commands (7z or unzip) don’t work…

Did anyone manage to apply this update?

Thank you!

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Hi, I just noticed this issue myself today as I’m currently re-installing my NAS. I’ll have a look at it later today when I’m back from work. 🙂

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