SickRage won’t start after last update

An update for SickRage causes the package to fail during startup. Here’s how you solve it!

If you are using SickRage with automatic updates enabled, chances are that the package suddenly stopped working due to a bad commit. Fortunately, the it’s very simple to fix in just a few, easy steps. First launch Putty or similar and enter the IP-address to your Synology or XPenology server. Remember that SSH has to be enabled in DSM (Control Panel->Terminal & SNMP).

Login as root and run the following two commands. The first command will change the directory to SickRage, while the second command will use Git to pull the latest version from GitHub.

Now switch back to DSM and try to restart the package and it should start without further issues.


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thanks! I had to sudo the git pull to make it work

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Thanks! Whether you need to add sudo depends on your setup. In my case I’m running SickBeard on a Synology device which doesn’t use sudo… 🙂


thank you for your help.
I am getting this error message:

admin@EMMOTTINA:/volume1/@appstore/sickbeard-custom/var/SickBeard$ /volume1/@appstore/git/bin/git pull
remote: Counting objects: 245, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (107/107), done.
fatal: Unable to create temporary file ‘/volume1/@appstore/sickbeard-custom/var/SickBeard/.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_XXXXXX’: Permission denied
fatal: index-pack failed

How should I fix it?


Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Hi Marco. Permission denied means that you’ll need to put sudo in front of “/volume1/@appstore/git/bin/git pull” or login as a user that has sufficient permissions to write to that location (are you logged on as root)?


Hi Benjamin,
I have logged in as ADMIN (as root it would not accept my password – DSM6 on my Synology NAS) and used the same password I type to access DSM as administrator will all permissions.

So, you are saying I should type:

sudo /volume1/@appstore/git/bin/git pull




sudo did the trick!



Hi, I have done it but it says “Already up-to-date.”…
And I can’t launch SB anyway… How can I do? Thanks so much!

sudo /volume2/@appstore/git/bin/git pull
Already up-to-date.

tyler durden

I cant get mine to start either from the syno control panel. I have to manually start sickrage each time using this (as root):

cd /volume1/\@appstore/sickbeard-custom/var/SickBeard/

nohup python &


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