Workaround for changing Mac OS X VM display resolution

There’s now a way to change the resolution on you Mac OS X VM running on ESXi.

If you are running Mac OS X Yosemite (or later) on ESXi you may have noticed that the screen resolution is limited to only 1024×768 even though VMware Tools has been installed. Until recently the only workaround for this issue was to add a dedicated graphics card in passthrough mode, which not always worked. Luckily there’s now a tool available that makes it easy to change the resolution to whatever you want. Before using this fix you should make sure that VMware Tools is installed and that at least 16MB video memory has been configured for your VM.

Download the vmware-resolutionSet archive and extract it on your virtual machine. Next open the terminal and navigate to the file location. Enable execution by running the command chmod +x vmware-resolutionSet and simply set the resolution by running  sudo ./vmware-resolutionSet <width> <height>. The resolution should change immediately, but it’s recommended to reboot.

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After every restart, it goes away and I need to run these commands again. Any solution?


In terminal it mentions ‘Superuser privileges are required to persist the resolution across reboots.’ so add SUDO to the front of the command and it remains set.


I get an effictive resolution 1176×885 when requesting 1920×1080

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Have you assigned enough video memory to the VM? Are you using the vSphere client or Google Remote Desktop to access the client? Try to re-size the window and runt the command again. I did it using Google RD and that worked great.


This doesn’t work on Sierra Dev Preview.


Actually, I take that back. It seems to work fine.


100% working, tnx.

Michael Chuc Le

It works perfect. Thanks.


i get ¨syntax error near unexpected token `1366’¨


doesn’t work after boot it crashes in startup and displays a circle with a dash – like no parking.


I am getting the syntax error near unexpected token ‘2560’, and the same when I try ‘2880’, ‘2048’, etc.


Thanks, finally found a solution for that pesky resolution issue.


Doesn’t work


It work, i just retest, thanks a lot.


It says “unable to find the service” when trying to change the resolution… any ideas?


Same problem here, “unable to find the service”. But showing manual when not giving Height and Width. Did chmod.


hello, before run vmware-resolutionSet, you need to installe vm tools. if not, you will get “unable to find the service”.


for Sierra version, you need to download vmware tool from here because of incompatibilite:


Unable to find service error on Sierra
sh-3.2# sudo ./vmware-resolutionSet 1920 1080
Unable to find service.
ESXI 5.5

Any other suggestion ?


it worked for me after download and install vmware tools from the indicated link on sierra. i use vmware workstation 12. Do you have installed vmware tools?


:DDDDD thank you so much!!!


I run VMware under MS Windows 8.1 in VM i run OS X Sierra but

i installed VMware tools with the Darvin.iso file i find

I Download your tool
i got the steps you sayd but i become only
“Unable to find the service” what´s wrong?

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Strange, I did the same yesterday without issues. Are you running the command as sudo? Are you using the unlocker by DrDonk?


I too get i am unable to find the service though i can see it listed in the files and did both the chmod and sudo


I got “unable to find the service”, too. Had to reboot the VM once more, then it worked.


i had “Unable to find the service” problem, uninstall and install again vmware tools fix this bug


Dude, thanks. It works after reboot.

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