CrashPlan 4.8.2 released: Failed to run

It’s that time of the year again when CrashPlan breaks on our Synology NAS. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple.

Patters from PCLoadLetter does an amazing job at providing us with a non-official package that allows us to run CrashPlan on Synology hardware. While it works great most of the time, some updates tend to crash the package.  If you are on version 4.8.0-0044 (which is the latest as of now), you may have noticed that it has stopped once again as Code42 just recently pushed the 4.8.2 update. Follow these steps to get the package running again.

Solving the issue

  1. Install CrashPlan and wait for the package to stop. If you have CrashPlan installed already you can skip this step.
  2. Make sure you have SSH enabled (“Control Panel”->”Terminal & SNMP”).
  3. Use Putty or similar to SSH into your NAS using “admin” as username and your default password. Once logged in copy cpio to /bin/ by running the following command:
  4. Switch back to DSM and uninstall CrashPlan using the Package Manager. Uninstall any Java package you may have installed and install Java8 from Synology.
  5. Reinstall CrashPlan and select “Default System Java Version” in the installer options. Let the package run for a while and it should stop automatically after a few minutes.
  6. Now we have to edit install.vars to point to our Java package
    1. In Putty run:
      sudo vi /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/install.vars
    2. Press “i” to switch to edit mode
    3. Change JAVACOMMON to:
    4. Press ESC to leave edit mode and use “:w!” to save the file and “:q!” to exit.
    5. If you make any mistakes just hit the ESC-key and write “:q!” in order to exit without saving the file
  7. Start the package in the “Package Manager” and wait. The package should now continue to run without issues.

Connecting to the client app

In order to connect to your NAS you will also need to update your local .ui_info file. The easiest way to do this to run this command in Putty:

That command should print something like “4243,xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx,” to the screen. Copy all of it and replace “” with the local IP of your Synology NAS. Finally open the .ui_info  file on your computer and replace it with the new string. I also recommend to make the file read-only so it’s not getting overwritten by mistake. In Windows you can simply right-click the file and set it to read-only in the properties. On OS X/Linux you’ll have to chown/chmod the file.

Windows: C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\.ui_info
OS X: /Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/.ui_info
Linux: /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info 

For more info take a look at “Using CrashPlan on a headless computer“.

Increase the memory limit (Optional)

If you backup a lot of files you may want to edit the  syno_package.vars file as well. If you backup terabytes of data CrashPlan needs more memory and this is how you can change the default limit of 1024MB:

  1. In Putty run:
    sudo vi /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/syno_package.vars
  2. Press “i” to switch to edit mode
  3. Add USR_MAX_HEAP=2048M  to the file. Change 2048 to whatever limit you want. The rule of thumb is about 1GB of memory for every terabyte of backup.
  4. Press ESC to leave edit mode and use “:w!” to save the file and “:q!” to exit.


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B. Good

Every time I try to start CrashPlan, it stops and install.vars is back to:

B. Good

Nevermind. I followed the steps a second time and it seems to be working.


I can’t say thank you enough!
This saved me and worked for me!


Worked for me as well – thank you!

For some reason though like B.Good, it did not work straight away. I tried the process and CrashPlan on the Synology, just kept failing still as soon as I started it and I gave up after 3-4 attempts.

However, the next day I went back to my PC and the Package Centre windows was still open and for some reason I tried running the CrashPlan package again and this time it worked for some reason, without doing anything extra.

Thanks again!


Thanks for this. One problem, even though I have .ui_info set as owned by root and readonly, everytime I start up the CrashPlanPro desktop app it resets the IP address to Consequently I can only control the PC which isn’t the idea at all. Do I need to do something else?


I think the reason it “doesn’t work the first try” is because the package installs 4.8.0, then after a short while upgrades itself to 4.8.2. When installing the CrashPlan package, wait for the log to indicate it has updated before updating install.vars. Then the update to 4.8.2 won’t overwrite the edit you just made prematurely.


The desktop app reports the version is 4.8.2. I cracked it by setting the immutable attribute on the file chattr +i. Also ignored Code42’s instruction to set the port to 4200. So setting the file to 4243,myguid,myNASIPaddress has got it working 🙂

Thanks again

George Kalogeris



Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this matter 🙂


Thanks for the very helpful fix! You are awesome!

Hyunchul Cho

Thanks for the very helpful fix! You are awesome! +1


When I try to save, I get:

“/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/install.vars” E212: Can’t open file for writing


Also getting:

cp: cannot stat ‘/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/cpio’: No such file or directory

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


Have you tried to reinstall CrashPlan? The file should be there.


I think I figured out most of it. I have a CrashPlan Pro plan. I downloaded the regular CP file and tried the fix above. Everything worked as stated, except the actual backup. I uninstalled CP and reinstalled CP Pro, got the error messages saying “cp: cannot stat ‘/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/cpio’: No such file or directory.” I can not find CP Pro 4.8.2, all I can find is 4.8.0. This is such a pain! I worked on this for 2 hours last night with no success. Currently, CP Pro is running on NAS, but I still cannot connect to it from PC. I have tried token updates and all that stuff, but nothing works.


I have 2 Synololgy DS one with a “used to be working” CrashPlan that stopped and by following the instruction above it was fixed. The second DS I’ve tried reinstalling before i found this page and as such uninstalling the CashPlan package must have removed something that we are copying by the
sudo cp /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/cpio /bin/cpio
command. I’ve tried to get the CrashPlan package not to crush but I can’t even connect to it before it stops.
Benjamin, do you have an idea what did I screw up in the second Synology DS?

George Kalogeris

if my DS has 1024MB RAM
can I set Add USR_MAX_HEAP=8192M ??

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


I guess you could, but I recommend to set it below the amount of RAM you actually have. No good idea to allow Java to eat all your RAM. Trust me, Java isn’t very memory friendly. Try with USR_MAX_HEAP=512M and increase if you run into issues. If you sync more than 1TB you most likely need to install more memory. 🙂

Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause


What happens if you uninstall CrashPlan and install it again before following my guide? Is there any step that doesn’t work? If you manage to connect to CrashPlan, but the application crashes after a short period of time, you may have to increate the Java heap size. Read “Increase the memory limit (Optional)” on how to do that. I had to do that myself again when version 4.8.3 was released because it removed that setting for some reason.

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